I was born in Rotorua in1936 of Ngati Whakaue decent. I live on the land of my ancestors and I feel a strong spiritual connection to this place.

I was married in 1958, graduated as a Registered Nurse the same year and subsequently nursed in Asia, Britain and New Zealand. I have 2 beautiful dauighters and we have resided in many countries all over the world.

I first studied in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1963 - 64 and have exhibited throughout South East Asia. Returning to Rotorua, New Zealand in 1992. I exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington.

If I have a preference for subject matter it would be water and portraiture. When working, I often move into anther space, not quite in touch with my surroundings.

I like working with larger pieces, 800mm x 800mm usually acrylic on board or canvas. More recently my work has attracted an overseas market.